Configure Single Post

  1. If you want to add new post, Go to Posts > Add New. If you want to update existing post, Go to Posts > All Posts, then select the post that you want to update.
  2. Set Title of the post.
  3. Write Content of the post.
  4. Set format of the post. If you set, format to Gallery, Video and Audio, then respective options will be enabled to set the post format content.
  5. Set category and tag for the post.
  6. Set featured image.
  7. There are three sidebar positions, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and No Sidebar. Select any one sidebar position.
  8. There are three layouts for the post, Standard, Classic, and Full Width. On selecting Standard layout, the featured image or video or gallery images or audio will be displayed row above the post content and sidebar. On selecting Classic layout, the media items will be displayed in same column but above of the post content. On selecting Full width, featured image will be displyed taking the width of the screen and video, audio and gallery will be displayed at in same column but above of the post.
  9. If it is new post, click on Publish button, if not click on Update button.



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