About Page Template Setting

  1. Log into your WordPress site and opens the Administration Panel.
  2. Create Page With Title, Description And Featured Image.
  3. Select About Template.
  4. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize
  5. Open > About Page Template Settings.





Call To Action Section #

    1. Enable Option,To Display Call To Action Section.
    2. Upload Call To Ation Image.
    3. Enter Call To Action Title.
    4. Enter Call To Action Subtitle.
    5. Enter Call To Action Button Text.
    6. Enter Call To Action Button URL.
    7. Publish.




Event Section #

  1. Enable To Display Event Section.
  2. Enter Section Title.
  3. Enter Section Subtitle.
  4. Select Event Page.
  5. Enter Button Text.
  6. Enter Button URL.
  7. Publish.




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